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Who can register?


Anyone! Though we are a veterans oriented organization, this event is open to anyone of all skill levels - and it’s all free!

What do prior submissions look like?


You can view submission from our past veterans hackathon here.

I’m new to coding and UX, can I participate?


Yep! Many of our participants are brand new to tech, and we have many others coming from all different skill levels. We will be hosting workshops on prototyping tools before and during the event.

What if I don’t know how to code?


You do not need to know how to code or code for this hackathon. Our hackathon is specifically created for you to just design your solution

What if I don’t know how to use a prototyping tool?


Totally okay! We will be hosting workshops on 3 prototyping tools: Figma, Adobe XD, and InVision Studio. In these workshops, we’ll be equipping you with the skills necessary to have an equal footing in this competition! We will also be hosting these workshops 3 days before the event if you wish to learn beforehand.

Do we need to form a team?


You can design alone, or up to teams of 5. Most participants choose teams of 4-5. You can make a team before the event itself or attend our team building event to make a team. If you choose to make a team before the event itself, ensure all of your team members are registered for the event. 

How much does the veterans hackathon cost?


Our veterans hackathon is free for anyone to join!

Do I have to be on the Kumospace call throughout?


No, you only need to be present on the Kumospace Call at the start of the event (April 2, 3:30 PM PST) and the end of the event (April 4, 6:00 PM). You can always feel free to hop in on the Kumospace call to ask any questions and to attend any of our workshops! 

What is the code of conduct?


This is an educational experience and we want you to learn as much as you can. We request you abide by the following rules:

Out of respect, for your fellow participants, judges, and organizers, please keep yourself on mute during the opening ceremony, presentations, results, and closing ceremony.

How do I choose a track?


On the day of the event we will announce the prompt of each track. Discuss with your team and find a track you think you could do the best in. There is no advantage/disadvantage for choosing one track over the other. They’re all great options and you should just pick the one that is best for your team. If you are having trouble, we’d recommend brainstorming ideas for each prompt and choosing the most promising idea. 

Will I be able to come up with a solution if I don't have experience doing this before? 


Yes! The Design Challenges have been designed such that both beginners, as well as professionals, can attempt them and have an equal chance at winning.

Are we free to use any program for designing e.g. Sketch, XD, Figma, etc.?


Yes. You are free to use any program of your choice as long as you can provide the final deliverable to us in a common file type such as a JPEG or PNG or a website link.

Will we be able to keep any of the projects done to use for our portfolios?


Yes. You have made them and hence you rightfully have the right to keep it and use it in any form or format. We would appreciate a small mention of our club in the project description, but that is completely optional. 

Are there prizes?


Yes, there are prizes for both beginners as well as pros! More details will be announced closer to the day of the event. 

What if I need to drop out for some reason?


If you do not wish to participate please let us know via email at vets_hack@fallin.today We will miss you!

Still have questions? Email us at vets_hack@fallin.today