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July 2023 WINNERS

2nd Place

$500 Winnings

EmotionTrack AI

A web application empowering veterans to document their mental health journeys. With AI at its core, the app analyzes journal entries to determine an individual's emotional baseline, facilitating early interventions and even triggering emergency responses when necessary. Tailored to help veterans confronting conditions like PTSD, depression, and anxiety, our tool seeks to ensure timely care, better communication, and the potential to save lives.

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Battle Buddies

Connecting Veterans with other local veterans based on similar interests and experiences. Sometimes all a veteran needs is someone with similar experiences to talk to or hang out with.

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A Big Thank you

To our mentors, guests, volunteers and sponsors!

Twitch Co-Founder, Kevin Lin

Mock Abdelaal, Ph.D./ USMC Veteran

Jon Deng, Army Ranger. Ex Snap, Google

Nick Krzemienski, Sr Eng / USMC 0311 Veteran