Hackathons For Veterans, By Veterans

April '22 WINNERS

2nd Place

$500 Winnings

Drop Shop

Connecting individuals in crisis situations and empowering them to take action

  • React.js
  • Babel
  • Javascript
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3RD Place

$200 Winnings


Team based in Ukraine built a solution to monitor a huge amount of news in one app

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Python
  • Flask framework
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Today's world needs
The world needs forward
Today's problems are
but it doesn't have to be
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Open Door Sanctuary

Aids Ukrainian refugees by leveraging technology and community, to provide access to hosts worldwide, AirBnB but for Ukrainians

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A Big Thank you

To our mentors, guests, volunteers and sponsors!

Volodymyr Ki, Sr Machine Learning Eng

Twitch Co-Founder, Kevin Lin

Mock Abdelaal, Ph.D./ USMC Veteran

Jon Deng, Army Ranger. Ex Snap, Google

Nick Krzemienski, Sr Eng / USMC 0311 Veteran