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Meet industry leaders
Level up

Nov 18th

Day one of the hackathon will be devoted to distilling your idea.

Have Ideas Fleshed Out
5pm PST
Idea to fruition

This is where you should be able to flesh out your idea, and get a better sense of what you might want to build for the vets hackathon.We hope you have a great time!

Ex-CIA Agent | Everyday Spy
2pm PST
Andrew Bustamante | U.S. Air Force Combat Veteran

Andrew is on a mission to change the way people see their world. Success in international espionage requires dynamic thinking, creative problem solving,active collaboration, and superior interpersonal skills. Spies are trained to neutralize threats, predict human behavior, and control their environment to achieve operational success. The same tools that shift international power can shape the future of business, education, relationships, and more.

Check-In Starts
12pm PST
Jameel Matin

Check in starts with how to navigate the online platform and an ice breaker so we can all get to know each other.

Nov 19th

Day two of the hackathon will be devoted to building from your imagination.

NFT | Hope Warrior Project
3pm PST

Grab some chow and join the Cardano Alliance for Military Outreach group talk about Crypto and NFT's.

Lessons Learned From Walking Cross Country
2:30pm PST
Nicholas tully-fern

Nicholas Tully-Fern is a U.S. Marine Veteran who is now on a mission to walk across America to get a better understanding of the people around him on a personal level. He has taken on this adventure to honor those around him who don’t have the opportunity to walk anymore such as his brother who passed away, Ethan McKinney. Nicholas shares that his “journey brings forth all those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice, fallen to unforeseen circumstances, or couldn’t bear the gift of life anymore.”

Jobs Tactics and Strategy
1:30pm PST
Jameel Matin

Learn the best practices in breaking into Tech.

Embracing Our Fears & Finding Bliss On The Other Side
1pm PST
Akshay Nanavati

Trending on Marine Corps Times recently; After overcoming drug addiction, PTSD and depression from fighting the war in Iraq with the US Marines, and alcoholism that pushed him to the brink of suicide, Akshay has since built a global business, run ultramarathons, and explored the most hostile environments on the planet, from mountains to caves to polar ice caps. Combining his life experience with years of research in neuroscience, psychology and spirituality, he wrote a book called “Fearvana: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth and Happiness.”

10:30am PST

Nov 20th

Day three of the hackathon will be devoted to presentations.

Results + Awards + Closing notes
1:45pm PST
All Hands

This is when we announce who wins followed by any closing notes. We hope to see you on demo day!

LIVE DJ Session
1:30pm PST 
DJ Lord-Isac

While Judges are deliberating, DJ Lord Isac will be taking your requests and playing them live on his DJ set. Take this time to walk around our merch and NFT store while jamming out.

Judging Begins
12:30pm PST

This is where judges will score based on our rubric

Day 3 Announcements
9am PST
Jameel Matin

Jameel will go over how to turn in project submissions and how to demo your project in front of our panel of judges. This will be followed by rehearsals with your teams. Project repos ought to be turned by 12:00pm PST.