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May 17th

Day one of the hackathon will be devoted to distilling your idea.

Hackathon agenda

Maj. Gen. Michael Lehnert (Ret.)
2pm PST
Keynote | United States Marine Corps

Michael R. Lehnert is a retired major general of the United States Marine Corps. He supervised the construction and served as the first commandant of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.

Lehnert's final Marine Corps assignment was as Commanding General, Marine Corps Installations West (MCI West), based at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, where he had assumed command on October 21, 2005. Under Lehnert’s command, MCI West made vast developments to base infrastructure, Marine and family housing, training facilities and numerous other quality-of-life improvements for all installations in the western U.S. Lehnert retired after 37 years of service after turning over command of MCI West to Maj. Gen. Anthony L. Jackson on September 29, 2009.

Check-In Starts
12pm PST

Check in starts with how to navigate the online platform and an ice breaker so we can all get to know each other.

May 18th

Day two of the hackathon will be devoted to building from your imagination.

Jobs Tactics and Strategy
3:30pm PST
Jameel Matin

Learn the best practices in breaking into Tech.

Tsavo Knott | Leading with AI
1pm PST
Technical Co-Founder & CEO @ Pieces.app

Tsavo Knott is the Technical Co-Founder and CEO of Pieces for Developers, an AI-enabled productivity tool designed to increase developer efficiency through personalized workflow assistance across the entire toolchain.

Prior to Pieces, Tsavo founded MeshMyCampus, a startup focused on disrupting EdTech information sharing. Subsequently, he successfully launched Cloud Sync, which was later acquired by Ultra Edit. This achievement garnered the attention of the private equity firm Idera, leading to its acquisition in 2019.

Pieces is your AI-enabled productivity tool designed to supercharge developer efficiency. Unify your entire toolchain with an on-device copilot that helps you capture, enrich, and reuse useful materials, streamline collaboration, and solve complex problems through a contextual understanding of your workflow.

Jonathan Hansing
12pm PST
Co-Founder, Wallabi.ai

Jonathan is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer who experienced the world's best crash course in data, analytics, and AI. After separation, he joined a natural language generation startup, led Generative AI strategy at Tableau (Salesforce), and is now co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Wallabi.ai. He works to make business intelligence accessible to the 75% of leaders overlooked by existing solutions. In his spare time, he researches cognitive psychology, posts about AI & product leadership, and helps veterans make the leap to civilian careers.

Wallabi is an AI-powered analytics assistant that helps you understand your data so you can improve outcomes in any business function.

May 19th

Day three of the hackathon will be devoted to presentations.

Results + Awards + Closing notes
2pm PST
Demo Day

This is when we announce who wins followed by any closing notes. We hope to see you on Demo day!

LIVE DJ Session
1:30pm PST 

While Judges are deliberating, DJ Lord Izac will be taking your requests and playing them live on his DJ set. Take this time to walk around our merch and NFT store while jamming out.

Judging Begins
12:30pm PST

Judges will score your projects based on the rubric found in our Slack workspace.

Michael Pett
12pm PST
Uber | Head of Military & Veteran Programs 

Michael Pett, a retired and disabled veteran of the US Army and Army National Guard, will be joining the Fall In Vets Hackathon to share insights on Uber's Military, Veteran, and Partner Program (MVP). As the lead of Uber's Military and Veteran's Programs, Michael brings a wealth of experience and passion for supporting veterans and their families in their transition to civilian life.

Throughout his career, Michael has distinguished himself as an exceptional recruiter and human resources specialist, consistently demonstrating an ability to increase retention and foster positive customer relations. His leadership style is one that leads by example, showcasing the ambitious drive that has proven invaluable in his various roles.

In 2014, Michael made the transition from serving as ROTC Cadre to focusing on recruiting military veterans and spouses to join the consulting industry. Today, he dedicates his efforts to helping veterans and partners from the armed forces discover the next chapter of their careers at Uber. With his firsthand understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by veterans, Michael is uniquely positioned to guide and support those looking to leverage their military experience in the civilian workforce.

During the Fall In veterans hackathon, Michael will provide an overview of Uber's MVP program, highlighting the company's commitment to empowering and supporting the military community. Fall In Vets hackathon attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into how Uber is creating opportunities for veterans and their families, as well as learn about the resources and support available to those looking to transition into the tech industry.

Day 3 Announcements
9am PST

Jameel will go over how to turn in project submissions and how to demo your project in front of our panel of judges. This will be followed by rehearsals with your teams. Project repos ought to be turned by 12:00pm PST.